Title: Advanced Strategies for Marketing Art: Innovative Ways to Boost Your Art Career
Author: Constance Smith
Description: Artists are taught to think about innovative and genre-specific marketing venues that they otherwise never would have explored.
Publisher: Artnetwork
Publication Date: 2011

Title: The Art of Buying Art: An Insider’s Guide to Collecting Contemporary Art
Author: Paige West
Description: Although the book is written for the novice art collector, it gives artists a good reality check regarding advice that collectors are given on a wide range of subjects – from discounts and prices for artwork– to artist/gallery relations and studio visits.
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication date: 2007


Title: Art Marketing 101. A Handbook for the Fine Artist
Author: Constance Smith.
Description: Covers various aspects of career development, including publicity, contacting galleries, and preparing a marketing plan.
Publisher: Artnetwork Press
Publication date: Revised 2013

Title: The Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market
Editor: Mary Burzlaff Bostic
Description: Describes a selection of galleries throughout the United States and other art market resources.
Publisher: North Light Books
Publication date: Revised 2016 edition

Title: The ASMP Guide to New Markets in Photography
Author: Susan Carr.
Description: Description: Photographers learn how to navigate this changing landscape that guides them through a strategic analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and provides advice on building a business plan, marketing, and selling.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: 2012

Title: Corporate Art Consultants/Advisors List
Description: An annotated list with names and street addresses of more than 380 art consultants nationwide who sell work to corporations and individuals. Organized by state. Annotated to include street addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, and in some cases, a description of markets and disciplines of interest. Available as a hardcopy, and through Dropbox and on a CD.
Publisher: Caroll Michels
Publication Date: Updated annually and on an ongoing basis.

Title: From Photographer to Gallery Artist: The Complete Guide to Finding Gallery Representation for Your Fine Art Photography
Author: Karen Lane
Description: The author contacted over sixty galleries, to find the best strategies for getting fine art photography into galleries.
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publidation date: 2015

Title: How Photographs are Sold: Stories and Examples of How Fine Art Photographers Sell Their Work
Author: Alain Briot
Description: 2014 Provides examples of how several successful photographers market and sell their work. Features information from photographers who earn a living from their artwork, as well as from others who sell their artwork to further their passion rather than as their main source of income.
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Publication date: 2014

Title: How to Sell Art: A Systematic Approach to Creating Relationships with Collectors and Closing the Sale   
Author: by J.Jason Horejs
Description: Written for artists and gallery owners, a gallery owner who addresses the entire selling process he and his staff employ when making a sale. Provides concrete, step-by step instructions that will help you tap and develop your inner salesperson.
Publisher: RedDot Press
Publication date: 2011

Title: How to Sell Art to Interior Designers: Learn New Ways to Get Your Work into the Interior Design Market and Sell More Art
Authors: Barney Davey & Dick Harrison 
Description: Description: Authors have nearly 50 years of art sales and marketing experience. Includes information, ideas and advice for selling their artwork to interior design professionals.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Publication Date: 2014

Title: How to Sell Your Art Online: Live a Successful Creative Life on Your Own Terms
Author: Cory Huff
Description: Covers use of an effective business strategies, including email, blogging, social media, and paid advertising.
Publisher: Harper Design
Publication date: 2016

Title: How to Show & Sell Your Crafts: How to Build Your Craft Business at Home, Online, and in the Marketplace
Author: Torie Jayne
Description: Readers will learn the best ways to merchandise and sell their items online at using other marketing vehicles.
Publisher: St, Martins Griffith
Publication Date: 2014


Title: How to Start a Faux Painting or Mural Business. A Guide to Making Money in the Decorative Arts
Author: Rebecca Pittman
Description: Culled from the author’s many years in the business, provides information on a variety of subjects, including securing work through referrals, building contacts, project planning, portfolio development, contracts and forms, startup supplies, and the growing pains of a successful business.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: 2010

Title: How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul, 7th edition
Author: Caroll Michels
Description: Written for fine artists ready to launch their careers as well as experienced artists who wish to relaunch their careers. Empowers artists to take control of their careers to create a fulfilling life and earn a decent income. Covers art marketing, career development, and many more important topics The author is the founder of the Artist Help Network, and a career coach and artist-advocate.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: Revised 2018

Description: Snail mail addresses of more than 905 museum and independent curators nationwide, and more than 450 email addresses. Updated on an ongoing basis. Paper printout of email addresses. Paper printout of snail mail addressed formatted for reproduction on labels. Also available via Dropbox and on a CD.
Publisher: Caroll Michels

Title: New Markets for Artists: How to Sell, Fund Projects, and Exhibit Using Social Media, DIY Pop-Ups, eBay, Kickstarter, and Much More
Author: Brainard Carey
Description: Covers new modes of communication for obtaining exhibitions and sales.
Publisher:Allworth Press
Publication date: 2012

Title: The Photographer’s Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion
Author: Maria Piscopo
Description: Discusses publicity, networking, researching prospective clients, and developing a personal marketing strategy.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: Revised 2017

Title: The Photographer’s Market
Editor: Mary Burzlaff Bostic. North Light Books, revised annually.
Description: Provides more than 1,500 contacts for selling photographs, finding marketing resources, finding buyers, and more.
Publisher: North Light Books
Publication date: Revised annually

Title: The Pocket Guide to Web Marketing for Artists
Description: Includes a digital download and print version.
Publisher: The Professional Artist

Title: Selling Art 101: The Art of Creative Selling
Author: Robert Regis Dvorak
Description: Provides information and advice on selling artwork.
Publisher: Artnetwork Press
Publication date: revised 2009

Title: Selling Art Online: The Creative Guide to Turning Your Artistic Work into Cash
Author: Dave Conrey
Description: Focuses online marketing tips for commercial and fine artists.
Publisher: Tiger Hero Media
PUbliation Date: revised 2013

Title: Selling Art Without Galleries: Toward Making a Living From Your Art
Author: Daniel Grant
Description: Topics include creative ways to find prospective collectors; ideas to break into specialized markets; how to arrange and curate exhibitions; rewards and risks of selling art on the Internet, and more.
PublisherL Allworth Press
Publicaiton date: revised 2017

Title: Selling Contemporary Art: How to Navigate the Evolving Market
Author: Edward Winkleman.
Description: Written by a New York art dealer, examines today’s contemporary art market from a dealer’s point of view. Covers the rise of the art fair, the rise of the mega gallery, online competition, and the new movement of dealer collaboration: galleries collaborating with each other. Artists take note!
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: reprint edition 2017


Title: Art Business Info for Artists
Description: An art business Iiformation portal providing a compendium of resources about the art business for artists. It helps artists learn how to do better at being business-like, marketing and selling their art and looking after their financial security. Based in the UK.

Title: Artful Home
Description: A juried commission-based online gallery. Features art, apparel, furniture an lighting, objects and decor, and jewelry.

Title: Constant Contact
Description: An email marketing service. Offers mailing list management. Provides templates for producing newsletters, invitations, cards.

Title: “80 Hashtags for Artists” by Jules.
Description: Published by Creating Beautifully.

Title: “15 Essential Tips for Selling to Museum Stores”
Description: Published in ABI, Art Business Institute

Title: Google Analytics
Description: A free service that generates detailed statistics about website and blog visitors.

Title: “How Artists Use Instagram to Present and Sell Their Art”
Description: Penned by Alan Bamberger,

Title: Incredible Art Department
Description: Provides links to fine arts-related blogs and podcasts.

Title: Mad Mimi
Description: An email marketing service. Offers mailing list management. Provides templates for producing newsletters, invitations, cards.

Title: Mail Chimp
Description: An email marketing service. Offers mailing list management. Provides templates for producing newsletters, invitations, cards.

Title: Saatchi Art
Description: A juried, commission-based online gallery. Features paintings, photographs, drawings, sculpture, and prints.

Title: “Sell Your Art in Museum Stores”
Description: Penned by Thea Fiore Bloom. Professional Artist magazine

Title: “Selling Art online and reaching new markets: 5 tips for artists,” The Guardian
Decription: Penned by Chris Grant-Peterkin

Title: “Selling Art Online: Information on Where (and How) to Sell Art on the Internet,” The Empty Easel.

Title: Use Mail Merge to Send Bulk Email Messages 
Description: Directives to create a batch of personalized email messages that are formatted identically and use the same text and graphics.

Title: “Using Social Media to Market Your Work”
Description: Written by Daniel Grant, Re-Sculpt, International Sculpture Center, September 21, 2016


Museum Store Association
Description: Provides members with a mailing list of museum shops nationwide and abroad.

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