Association of Professional Art Advisors 
Description: Provides guidelines and standards for professional art advisors and a network for communication among art advisors, curators and art service professionals. A membership list is published online.
International Facility Management Association
Description: A nonprofit organization dedicated to serving facility management professionals, many of whom are decision makers for purchasing art for corporate facilities.
NAIOP, Commercial Real Estate Development Association
Description: A national organization with chapters in North America. The membership directory lists more than 18,000 companies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Set Decorators Society of America
Description: Maintains a busiess directory that includes art consultants and prop houses involved in art placement for use in film, television commercials and other media. Membership includes artists.


Corporate Art Consultants/Art Advisors List
Description: Compiled by Caroll Michels, career coach and artist-advocate. Updated several times a year. An annotated list of art consultants and art advisors that sell work to corporate markets and individuals. Includes email and snail mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, websites, and other information. Available via Dropbox, on a CD-ROM, and as a paper printout.
Interior Design & Architecture Press Contacts
Description: Compiled by Caroll Michels, career coach and artist-advocate. Email and snail mail addresses of writers, editors, and publications covering interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, and garden design. Updated on an ongoing basis. Available as a hard copy and on an Excel email database.


Title: Art in America Guide Museums, Galleries, Artists 
Description: See “Corporate Consultants” in index.
Frequency: Published annually
Title: Becoming a Corporate Art Consultant
Author/Editor: Barbara Markoff
Description: Although written for art consultants and those who want to enter the field, marketing ideas provided in the book will be helpful to artists. Includes a good chapter on “Working with Artists.”
Publisher: PFM Books
Publication Date: 2010
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Title: Corporate Art Collections
Author/Editor: Charlotte Appleyard amd James Salzmann
Description: Based on interviews with curators, art consultants, and investors who are engaged in corporate art collecting. Investigates the motivations behind past and present corporate collections, ranging from the desire to enhance the office environment to wanting to something about the company’s corporate identity to philanthropic concerns.
Publisher: Lund Humphries in association with Sotheby’s Institute of Art
Publication Date: 2012
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Title: Corporate Art Consulting
Author: Susan Abbott
Description: Although written for art consultants, the book will also be helpful to artists interested in selling work to the corporate market
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 1994
Title: How to Sell Art to Interior Designers: Learn New Ways to Get Your Work into the Interior Design Market and Sell More Art
Authors: Barney Davy and Dick Harrison
Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2014
Description: The authors represent nearly 50 years of art sales and marketing experience. Includes information, ideas, and advice to artists on selling their work to interior design professionals.
Title: How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul, New edition
Author: Caroll Michels
Description: See chapter “Exhibition and Sales Opportunities: Using Those That Exist and Creating Your Own.” The author is the founder of the Artist Help Network and a career coach and artist-advocate.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: Revised 2018
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Title: The International Directory of Corporate Art Collections:  A Global Tour of Art in the Workplace
Author/Editor: S. R. Howarth
Description: Profiles nearly 800 corporations worldwide
Publisher: International Art Alliance
Publication date: Revised 2017
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Title: American Society of Interior Designers (ASIDA) 
Description: Designers Referral Service, an online database of ASID members.

Title: Architect Finder
Description: An online database of members of the American Institute of Architects

Title: Artist Agent Agreement 
Description: An agreement that can be used as the basis of working with art consultants. Provided by Find Legal Forms.

Title: The Clarion List
Deescription: Contains the names of art consultants and advisors.