Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs
Description: A nonprofit organization that presents independently-curated exhibitions of contemporary art. Explores timely themes that are relevant to our understanding of visual arts today.

Description: A traveling exhibition program managed by the Mid-America Arts Alliance.
Independent Curators International
Description: Develops, organizes, and circulates exhibitions focusing on recent trends and aesthetic concerns. A list of members is provided on their website.
The Pop-Up Art Loop

Description: Sponsored by the Chicago Loop Alliance. Establishes partnerships between artists and property owners, and creates temporary gallery, exhibition and interactive space at no cost to the artist in prime Loop locations.
W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy)
Draws attention to economic inequalities that exist in the arts, and works to resolve them. Its advocacy efforts have successfully received commitments from many U.S. nonprofit art institutions to pay artist exhibition fees for solo and group shows. A fee calculator is published on the organization’s website.


Title: Museum and Independent Curators List
Description: Compiled by Caroll Michels. Email and snail mail addresses of museum and independent curators nationwide. Updated annually and on an ongoing basis. Available as a paper printout, on Dropbox, and on a CD.


Title: American Art Directory
Description: Published triennially. A directory of arts organizations, art schools, museums, periodicals, scholarships, and fellowships.
Publisher: Marquis
Publication Date: 2016
Title: Art in America Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums, Artists
Description: Alphabetical listing of American museums, galleries, and alternative spaces arranged by state and city.
Frequency: Published annually in August
Publisher: Art in America
Title: Art Opportunities Monthly
Description: Listings of hundreds of opportunities for artists, including exhibitions. Available via email.
Title: The Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market
Author/Editor: Mary Burzlaff, Editor
Description: Revised annually. Describes a selection of galleries throughout the United States.
Publisher: North Light Books
Publication Date: 2018
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Title: Creating Exhibitions: Collaboration in the Planning, Development, and Design of Innovative Experiences
Authors: Polly McKenna-Cress and Janet Kamien
Description: Guides you through every aspect of exhibit making, from concept to completion. Structured around the key phases of the exhibition design process and offers complete coverage of the tools and processes required to develop successful exhibitions.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Publication Date: 2013
Title: Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach
Author: Beverly Serrell
Description: Presents guidelines on the process of exhibit label planning, writing, design, and production. Provides guidance on the art of label writing for diverse audiences and explores the theoretical and interpretive considerations of placing labels within an exhibition.
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pubication Date: Revised 2015
Title: How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul, New edition
Author: Caroll Michels
Description: See chapter “Exhibition and Sales Opportunities: Using Those That Exist and Creating Your Own.” The author is the founder of the Artist Help Network and a career coach and artist-advocate.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: Revised 2018 
Title: Manual of Museum Exhibitions
Editors: Barry Lord and Maria Piacente
Description: The definition of what an exhibition is has changed as exhibitions can now be virtual; non-traditional migratory and pop-up spaces play host to temporary displays; social media has created opportunities for participatory engagement. The editors detail the exhibition process, explore the exhibition development process in detail. New chapters include information on project management, financial planning and interactive multimedia.
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication Date: Revised 2014
Title: Official Museum Directory
Description: Regularly revised. Profiles thousands museums and institutions.
Publisher: National Register Publishing
Publication Date: 2018
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Title: On the Road Again: Developing and Managing Traveling Exhibitions
Author/Editor: Rebecca A. Buck and Jean Allman Gilmore
Description: Provides pointers for developing traveling exhibition, including the development of an exhibition concept and budget, crating and shipping, and dealing with foreign custom officials. Also includes contracts and loan agreements.
Publisher: American Association of Museums
Publication Date: 2003
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Title: Photograph
Description: Lists photography exhibitions in New York City, and nationally and internationally. Also includes news items and articles about photography. Available online and in print.
Title: Photographer’s Market
Description: Revised annually. Includes and describes a selection of photography galleries throughout the United States.
Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books
Publication Date: 2018
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Title: Playing by the Rules: Alternative Thinking/Alternative Spaces
Author/Editor: Steven Rand
Description: A series of essays by various writers that address the role of the alternative space and need for alternative thinking to challenge some of the art world’s practices.
Publisher: Apex Art
Publication Date: 2010


Title: Art-Collecting
Description: Provides links to more than 4000 art galleries, art museums, and art centers in major cities in the USA. 
Title: ArtDeadline
Description: A monthly list of career-related information for artists, including exhibition opportunities.
Title: CaFÉ
Description: Sponsored by the Western Stgates Arts Federation (WESTAF).  A user-friendly oline system that provides open call information on exhibitions and other opportunities for artists.
“Entry Fees for Juried Exhibitions”
Description: Penned by Daniel Grant, Re-sculpt, International Sculpture Center. An article about arts organizations that are no longer charging fees to participate in juried shows.
Title: A Guide for Pop-Up Art in Retail Spaces 
Description: Describes available pop-up art spaces in Los Angeles.
Title: Guidelines for Professional Standards in the Organization of Juried Exhibitions
Description: Provided by CARFAC Ontario
Title: How to Set Up a Pop-Up Art Galleries in 7 Steps
Description: Storefront Blog.
Title: Maryland State Arts Council Online Resource Bulletin
Description: Lists hundreds of exhibition opportunities.
Title: MuseumsUSA
Description: Contains a searchable directory of more than 15,000 museums throughout the United States.
Title: The Packing, Art Handling & Crating Information Network 
Description: Dedicated to expanding the network of information and resources available to museum and art handling communities.
Description: An information resource for contemporary art. Provides directory services for locating internationally focused galleries located in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Australasia, Africa, and Asia.
Title: Setting Up a Pop-Up Gallery
Description” Provided by Empty Spaces.
Title: Visual Artist Source
Description: A good resource for locating galleries throughout the United States. It links to the respective Web sites of all of the galleries listed, provides snail mail, email, and contact information, and a description of the type of work featured. The service is free of charge.