Explore resources that provide information and tips on preparing
artist support materials, including artist statements, résumés, cover
letters, exhibition catalogues, podcasts, and blogs. Also
includes advice on digital artist support materials, including
organizing artist websites.


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Art-Write: The Writing Guide for Visual Artists
Author/Editor: Vicki Krohn Amorose
Teaches artists how to write about their own artwork. Filled with achievable
advice on how to write for art promotion and sales. Provides a step-by-step
approach to create a professional artist statement, with thinking and
writing exercises to ease the process and develop authentic and clear content.
Publisher: Luminaire Press
Publication Date: 2013
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The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting: A Manual for Nonconformists
Author: Micah A Hanks
Provides information on how the medium can be used as a promotional, and the
ways podcasting can be done effectively on a budget, and the different
methods and equipment involved.

Publisher: Rocketeer Press
Publication Date: 2015
How to Write About Contemporary Art
Author: Gilda Williams  
Description: A guide to writing engagingly about contemporary art.
Includes tips for writing press releases and news articles; texts
for auction and exhibition catalogues, gallery guides and wall labels;
op-ed journalism and exhibition reviews; and writing for
websites and blogs.

Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Publication Date: 2014
How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist:
Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul

Author: Caroll Michels
See chapters “Presentation Tools and Packages” and “Art Marketing:
Digital, Print, and Social Media.” The author is the founder of the
Artist Help Network and a career coach and artist-advocate.

Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: Revised 2018
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Introduction to Podcast Technology:
Discover the Essential Tools and Techniques
You Need to Record, Produce and Launch Your Podcast

Author: David Power
Instead of trying to convince you everything is easy, the book guides you
through each stage of the podcast creation process in detail and
offers precise, step-by-step instructions on the essential tools
and techniques you need to record, produce and launch a podcast.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2016 
The Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement
Author/Editor: Alyson B. Stanfield
An e-book that provides tips for developing an artist statement.
Publisher: Pentas Press
Publication Date: 2011

Title: Taking the Leap. Building a Career as a Visual Artist
Author/Editor: Cay Lang
Description: Revised. See “Creating Your Artist’s Packet.”
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: 2006
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Title: Writing the Artist Statement:
Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work

Author/Editor: Ariane Goodwin
Description: Guides artists through the process of writing an artist
statement, building a psychological bridge between art and audience
by tapping to the exact words that portrays the singular
spirit of your work.

Publisher: Infinity Publishers
Publication Date: 2013
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How to Make a Podcast
Description: BuzzSprout