A list of resources for obtaining contracts and forms
for artists and advice regarding how and when to use
them. Contracts and forms for artists include gallery
exhibition contracts, gallery consignment contracts,
commission contracts, artist -agent contracts, and more.

Publications are listed in alphabetical order
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Anatomy of a Contract
Author: Sue Greenberg,
Written to give readers the confidence needed to negotiate.  It encourages you
to put your agreements in writing, and helps you determine when to seek legal
counsel. Explains the benefits of using mediation to resolve art-related disputes.
A downloadable publication.

Publisher: St. Louis Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts.
Publication Date: revised 2015
The Artist-Gallery Partnership: A Practical Guide to Consigning Art
Author/Editor: Tad Crawford and Susan Mellon
Revised edition. Offers a clear explanation of consignment contracts.
Provides information on consignment laws on a state-by-state basis.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 2008
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Artists’ Contracts: Agreements for Visual and Media Artists
Author/Editor: Paul Sanderson & Ronald N. Hier
A comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to the “dos and don’ts” of written
contracts. It serves as an important educational primer, providing information on
the essentials of contractual agreements, tips on how to draft and negotiate
contracts, and advice on what to do if disputes should arise.
Publisher: CARFAC Ontario
Publication Date: Revised 2016
Business and Legal Forms for Crafters
Author: Tad Crawford.
 Contains ready-to-use forms with detailed instructions and negotiation checklists.
Includes forms for sales, commissions, limited editions, exhibition loans, gallery
agreements, consignments, licensing contracts, and permission forms. A CD-ROM
with electronic versions of each form is also provided.

Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: Revised 2012
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Business and Legal Forms for Fine Artists
Author: Tad Crawford
Revised edition. Contains contracts and forms with detailed instructions and negotiation
checklists. Includes forms for artist-gallery relations, licensing agreements, contracts
for sales, etc. A CD-ROM with electronic versions of forms is included.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 2014
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Business and Legal Forms for Illustrators
Author/Editor: Tad Crawford
Contains contracts and forms including licensing of electronic rights, contracts
for the sale of artwork, etc. A CD-ROM with electronic versions of each form is included.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 2016
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Business and Legal Forms for Photographers
Author/Editor: Tad Crawford
Revised edition.
Contains 34 forms for photographers, each accompanied by step-by-step instructions,
advice on standard contractual provisions, and unique negotiation checklists to guide
professionals to the best deal. Each form are provided online on a supplemental website,
with instructions in the book on how to gain access.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 2009
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CARFAC Advisory Notes
Description: For Canadian artists. Includes Artist/Dealer Checklist
and Artist/Exhibition Check list.: What Should You Include in an
Agreement with a Dealer? PDF format. Free to CARFAC Ontario
Publisher: CARFAC Ontario
The Creative Artist’s Legal Guide: Copyright, Trademark and Contracts
in Film and Digital Media Production

Author: Bill Seiter and Ellen Seiter.
A user-friendly guide that supplies artists with the essential legal concepts
needed to swim safely with lawyers, agents, executives, and other experts in
intellectual property and business law.
Publisher:  Yale University Press
Publication date: 2012

Guide to Artist-Gallery Consignment Contracts
Author: revised by Céline Bondard
A downloadable publication.
Publisher: Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts St. Louis
Publication date: Revised 2004.

The Legal Guide for Writers, Artists and Other Creative People:
Protect Your Work and Understand the Law

Author: Kenneth P. Norwick
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication date: 2017
Enables creators to understand the legal rights and safeguard
their work from a wide variety of risks in both cyberspace
and traditional media.


“Art Law on Consigning Art: Who needs protection when consigning art?”
Article by Judith Wallace, Spencer’s Art Journal. Artnet, October 31, 2013.Provides i
nformation about the amendments of the New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law that
protects artists, heirs to artists’ estates, and collectors.


Artist/ Agent Agreement. Findlegalforms.com
The form can be obtained and downloaded on the website free of charge.

Artist-Gallery Consignment Statues. St. Louis Volunteer Lawyers and
Accountants for the Arts

Links to more than 30 states that have statues governing business
relationships between artists and art galleries.


Consignment Contract
Artist Harriete Estel Berman has made available, free of charge,  a very reasonable
and uncomplicated consignment contract with explanations for each item.

R.1881 – American Royalties Too Act of 2015
Description of a proposed national law that provides artists with resale
royalties on works sold at auction.







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