Resources for obtaining information about art
criticism and art critics, including the pros and
cons of art criticism, and contacting art critics.



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Seeing Out Louder: Art Criticism 2003-2009
Author: Jerry Saltz. Hudson Hills Press, LLC, 2009.
The senior art critic for New York Magazine, signals out mismanaged museums,
out-of-control auction houses, misguided artists, the gossip pages of
Artforum, and the tent-city casinos known as Art Fairs.

PublisherL Hudson Hills Press, LLC
Publication date: 2009


Art Critics List
Compiled by Caroll Michels, career coach and artist-advocate.
Email and snail mail and email addresses art critics, primarily
in the New York City area. Updated annually and on an ongoing
basis. Available on an Excel database.


Art Twerks
Founded by artist Nikitas Kavouklés. Specializes in “the art of satire in
the world of art” “Its many articles are not merely takedowns of the
commercial excesses of today’s art world – that would be too easy. Instead,
the site is filled with informative and amusing twists on satirical standbys
and contains articles and posts written by volunteer, highly expert professionals
of questionable backgrounds and abilities, some of whom are artists, critics,
and provocateurs, both real and imagined, from around the globe and beyond.

Provides information on a video by artist Bill Claps“ explores the often
incomprehensible language used by many curators, writers, critics, and
other art insiders, which has alienated much of the art-viewing public.“
In the video, the artist captures people’s thoughts and feelings about
contemporary art, and includes footage shot in the streets, galleries
and art fairs of New York, and in several countries in Europe.