Organizations that offer artist studio
insurance, including policies that
|cover artwork in transit and in
exhibition spaces. Also includes a
list of resources for obtaining

advice on artist studio insurance.


ACT Insurance Program  
Offers a variety of insurance programs for artists,
including short-term and long term policies at reasonable rates.
American Craft Council
Offers “Professional Members” business contents coverage,
on and off premises.
A-N.  The Artists Information Company
Offers members various types of studio insurance in
the United Kingdom.
Art Insurance Now
Covers artwork on or off premises, in transit,
storage, and in an exhibition worldwide. 

Craft Ontario
Description: Members are eligible for business insurance.

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF)

Sponsors the website Studio Protector that contains the free  publication Business
Insurance Guidebook for Artists and the webinar “Business Insurance for Artists.”

Craft Ontario
Description: Members are eligible for business insurance.

Huntington T. Block
Offers individual artists various forms of insurance, including artwork
in domestic or international transit, studio, equipment, materials and
furnishings, and business operations.

Johnsonese Brokerage
An independent agent who obtains quotes from multiple companies.
Provides artist insurance services, including studio insurance.

K&K Insurance Group, Inc.
Provides liability insurance for artists.

Description: Offers artists and artisans business property insurance
that protects your equipment, supplies and finished work on an “all risk” basis.


Studio Protector™: The Artist Guide to Emergencies
Provides information regarding business insurance topics for artists,
including business insurance plans, steps in getting coverage, the cost
of insurance, the types of business insurance available, and more.