Resources that focus on the relationship between
art and healing. Includes organizations that
support art and healing and offer artists sales
and exhibition opportunities.


Aesthetics, Inc. 

Incorporates art into heath care, validating the relationship between the
community and the hospital. Health-care designers, art directors, and artists
collaborate on projects, including the design of healing centers and the
design of interior and architectural elements.

The Art Connection in the Capital Region  
Sponsors the Art Donation and Collection Program. Works with artists
and art collectors in donating artwork to nonprofit community groups.

Art for Healing Inc. NYC International  
A nonprofit organization devoted to educating the public about the healing
power of the arts. Donates work to children’s hospitals, nursing homes and
other institutions that have limited funding for the arts. Sponsors
an art gallery.

Art of Living Ministries
A non-profit organization based in Georgia that includes local visual and
performing artists who bring the arts to those in need of healing, including
residents of drug and alcohol rehab centers, nursing homes, senior centers,
special needs groups and local charities. Services include a community center
and art gallery for recovery group meetings, classes/workshops and various
ministries. “Our mission is to serve soul food through the arts.”

Art Without Boundaries Association   
Trains artists to become certified Mnemetecnic therapists, and work
with individuals with Autism, Alzheimer’s, and other related brain disorders.

Arts in Medicine, University of Florida Shands
Combines standard medical practices with innovative healing methods
that include a program involving artists, patients and their families.
Sponsors an artist-in-residence program.

The Creative Center at University Settlement
Dedicated to bringing the creative arts to people with cancer, chronic
illnesses, and through all stages of life. Sponsors hospital artist-in-residence
programs in more than 20 healthcare sites around the New York metropolitan
area. Also sponsors an online gallery representing professional artists living
with illness, and a training program bringing The Creative Center’s proven
approach to arts in healthcare around the country.

Foundation for Art and Healing
Serves as a “bridge” to create and expand general awareness about art
and healing, bring forward through research and related explorations critical
knowledge about art and healing and the relationship between them, and
help make this knowledge available at the individual and community.

Foundation for Hospital Art
Provides original artwork to hospitals and nursing homes for the
purpose of supplementing the healing work of hospital staffs.

Gifts of Art
A program of the University of Michigan hospitals. Open to Michigan
artists. Sponsors exhibitions in nine hospital galleries.

The National Initiative for Arts & Health
in the Military
Advances the arts in health, healing, and healthcare for military service members,
veterans, their families, and caregivers.

Justice Arts Coalition (PAC)
Serves as an online network for prison arts in the United States. Provides support,
information, and partnership opportunities within the prison arts sector. As an advisory
body, PAC provides ongoing, personalized guidance to people who are working to
develop arts programs or looking to support incarcerated and formerly
incarcerated artists.

RX Art, Inc.
A nonprofit organization that transforms pediatric hospital facilities into
comforting and engaging spaces through site-specific installations
by contemporary artists.

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts
Coordinates creative art projects with cancer patient groups and
health professional development programs.

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Artists-in-Residence: The Creative Center’s Approach to Healthcare
Author/Editor: Geraldine Herbert, Jane Waggoner Deschner and Robin Glazer
Offers artists and healthcare professionals a unique look at artmaking with
patients and caregivers in healthcare settings. Focuses on all aspects of
working as a hospital artist. Also available as a DVD
Publisher: The Creative Center at University Settlement
Publication Date: 2006
The Arts in Health Care: A Palette of Possibilities
Author/Editor: edited by Charles Kaye and Tony Blee
Chronicles the expanding use of the arts in the United Kingdom’s National Health
Service and at selected medical centers in the United States. Discusses the
therapeutic value of using the arts in health and healthcare.
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: 1998
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Picture of Health: A Handbook for Healthcare Art
Author/Editor: Dr. Henry Domke
Discusses how art can be used by designers, architects, facilities
managers, and doctors to maximize health.



Art and Healing
Provides links to hospitals that are involved with art and healing programs.

Arts and Healing Network  
Although the organization no longer exists and its website has ceased updates,
an archive website remains online of this excellent resource devoted to
information on arts and healing.
Arts in Healthcare

A list of arts in healthcare programs throughout the United States provided
by the National Endowment for the Arts
Healing Power of Art and Artists
A community of artists, arts advocates, and writers dedicated to raising
awareness about how art serves as a positive catalyst for enhancing the
well-being of individuals, society, and the environment. Website
provides links to many art and healing organizations.