Information about art bartering and those companies
that arrange for art bartering, in return for services,
materials and products.

“Bartering Art? Don’t Forget the Tax Man,” by Alan Bamberger.
Barter Fanatic
Blog devoted to bartering with tips, information and lists of online stores that accept
bartering as payment for everything from goods to jewelry.
Bartering and Trading for Artists
An article about artists and bartering sponsored by Gyst 
Bartering Tax Center
Information about tax liability for bartering and when bartered goods can be
used as a tax deduction. 
Our Goods
A barter network for artists and designers in New York City. The site promotes
the swapping of skills, services, space, labor, art objects, and much more.
A free website for swapping and bartering services.
Members do not pay fees or trade commissions.  One-time swaps
available at a low fee.  Serves 82 countries.


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