Advice and information about art scams aimed at
protecting artists from being victimized by art
scams on the internet and through social media.


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Report Scams: A Resource Guide for Victims of Internet Scams
Author: Kathleen McMahon
The author provides important resource links for reporting scams so that
victims of scams can focus their energy on reporting the crime, instead
of searching all over for who you can turn to.

Publication date: 2013
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Social Media Scams: Protect Yourself on Facebook,
Twitter, eBay & More

Author: Kathleen McMahon
 A practical guide that tells readers how to recognize and avoid the most
popular scam on social media sites, including like Facebook, Twitter,
Craigslist, eBay and more. Explains how scams work, red flag clues
for recognizing a scam before you become a victim, and actual
real-world examples of the most popular scams social media sites.

Publication date: 2013
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Top 10 Email Scams (Internet Scams Revealed)
Author: Kathleen McMahon.
 Reveals who are the scammers, where they obtain email addresses,
scams work, how to avoid them, steps to take if you’ve been
scammed, and more.
Publication date: 2012
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Known Scammer Names Used in Art-Related Email Scams
A service of artist Kathleen McMahon.

Stop Art Scams
Artists Kathleen McMahon uses her blog to educate, help, and prevent
artists from becoming scam victims.