Exhibition Places & Spaces, and Exhibition Planning:  Resources for artists’ exhibition opportunities in alternative spaces, for-profit and nonprofit galleries, museums, university galleries, and other venues. Also includes resources for exhibition planning and shipping artwork.

Gallery Relations:  Resources for artists that provide advice and information on working with galleries and various facets of gallery relations.

Corporate Art Market: Resources pertaining to the corporate art market, including how to obtain lists of art consultants and art advisors, interior designers, and architects, and publications that provide an understanding of how to reach the corporate art market.

Juried Shows:  Resources that provide advice and guidelines for participating in  juried shows.

Public Art: Public art resources in the USA and abroad and information about percent-for-art programs.

Artist Registries:  Organizations that sponsor artists’ registries.

Art Sales & Commissions:  Resources that provide information on selling art and obtaining project commissions, and selling work online.

Art Scams: Art scam information for artists and other scams on the Internet.