Title: The Art and Business of Photography
Author: Susan Carr
Description: Provides essential information about the photographer’s legal and business concerns, and explains the difficult balance between maintaining a successful business and pursuing creative, noncommercial work in the photography field.Includes interviews with 11 top photographers
Publisher:  Allworth Press
Publication date:  2011
Title: Art, Inc.
Author: Lisa Congdon
Description: Covers various topics related to career development for fine artists and illustrators.
Publisher: Chronicle Books  
Publication date:  2014
buyTitle: Art, Money Success
Author: Maria Brophy
Description: The author tells personal stories of her own business dealingss, successes and failures.
Publisher: Son the the Sea, Inc.
Publication date: 2017
Title: ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know and Do as You Pursue Your Art Career
Author: Heather Darcy Bhandari and Jonathan Melber

Description: Imparts advice based on interviews with 100 curators, dealers and other arts professionals throughout the United States.  Written by an art dealer and arts attorney.
Publisher: Free Press
Publication date: Revised 2017
Title: The Art World Dream: Alternative Strategies for Working Artists
Author: Mark Rudd

Description: Discusses the peaks and challenges of an artist’s career and offers practical advice.
Publisher: Cire Corporation
Publication date: 2001
Title: The Artist in the Office: How to Creatively Survive and Thrive Seven Days a Week
Author: Summer Pierre

Description: A humorous book about integrating the work you have to do with the work you want to do.  The author tackles everything from money issues and the importance of patience during the creative process – to better organizing your time to countering the isolation of being an artist.
Publisher: Perigee, The Penguin Group
Publication date: 2010
Title: The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love
Author: Jackie Battenfield

Description: Using a “tough love approach” to pursuing a career in the visual arts, the author provides a comprehensive guide for artists at all career levels.  
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Publication date: 2009
Title: Business of Art: An Artist’s Guide to Profitable Self-Employment
Author: by Phil Borden.  

Description: Includes information on career and business planning, marketing and promotion, budgeting and money management, legal issues, and financing creative work.
Publisher: Center for Cultural Innovation
Publication date: Revised 2012 
Title: The Business of Being an Artist
Author: Daniel Grant
Description: Covers a range of career-related topics, including making a transition from school to the working world.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: Revised 2015
Title: CARFAC Ontario’s Advisory Notes
Description: Documents that summarize specific topics relating to an artist’s career and the business of art. PDF format.
Publisher: CARFAC Ontario    
Title: Getting Your Sh*t Together: The Ultimate Business Manual for Every Practicing Artist
Authors: Karen Atkinson and GYST Ink

Description: Aims to help all artists everywhere avoid career development pitfalls and get on the track to success on their own terms.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date: Revised 2014   
Title: How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul, 7th edition
Author: Caroll Michels
Description: Written for fine artists ready to launch their careers as well as experienced artists who wish to relaunch their careers. Empowers artists to take control of their careers to create a fulfilling life and earn a decent income. This newly revised edition continues to demystify the inner workings of the art world and challenge the status quo. New topics include: Feedback on new business models for artists: Going to the extreme; use of social media and website development as marketing and publicity tools and what does and doesn’t work; confusion between the “art-buying public” and the “general public” and their differences; new suggestions for establishing and calculating prices for artwork; neighborhood gentrification and the growing challenges of securing a reasonably priced live/work space – and much more on many more important subjects. The author is the founder of the Artist Help Network, and a career coach and artist-advocate.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: Revised 2018
Title: Information for Artists: A Practical Guide for Visual and Media Artists  
Description: Contains 19 chapters covering a variety of subjects relevant to Canadian visual and media artists.
Publisher: CARFAC Ontario
Publication Date: 2005
Title: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Essays by 40 Working Artists
Author: Sharon Louden
Publisher: Intellect Ltd.
Publication Date: 2013
Description: The forty essays are written in the artists’ own voices and take the form of narratives, statements, and interviews. Each story has a common thread of a commitment to creativity, inside and outside the studio. “Both day-to-day and big picture details are revealed, showing how it is possible to sustain a creative practice that contributes to the ongoing dialogue in contemporary art. These stories will inform and inspire any student, young artist, and art enthusiast and will help redefine what ‘success’ means to a professional artist.“
Title: Making it in the Art World.  New Approaches to Galleries, Shows, and Raising Money
Author: Brainard Carey

Description: Covers submitting work to museums and galleries, getting connected with collectors, raising funds, and more.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication date: 2011 
Title: The Practical Handbook for the Emerging Artist
Author: Margaret R. Lazzari
Description: Designed to help visual art students make the transition from art school to their own art practice.
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Publication date: Revised 2010.
Title: Professional Artist
Description: Articles on practical business advice and strategies. Published bimonthly. Print and digital editions.
Title: The Profitable Artist: A Handbook for All Artists in the Performing Literary and Visual Arts
Author: Artspire
Description: A compilation of the best practices approach to planning and organizing an art career, based on more than 30 interviews and illustrated through anecdotes and in-depth case studies.
Publisher: Allworth Press & the NY Foundation for the Arts
Publication date:  2011   
Title: Starting Your Career as an Artist: A Guide for Painters, Sculptors, Photographs, and Other Visual Artists
Authors: Agie Wojak and Stacy Miller
Description: Chapters cover topics essential to artists who are entering the art world.  Includes interviews with artists.
Publisher:  Allworth Press
Publication date: 2011
Title: Strategies for Serious Older Artists
Author: Eric Rudd and edited by Barbara Rudd  
Description: Covers the subject of what will happen to your artwork after you die, including how to upgrade and adjust your studio methods, and how to get ahead of the curve for your later years.  It offers alternatives for preserving and exhibiting your life’s work even after you die
Publisher: Cire Corporation
Publication date: 2013 
Title: The Successful Artist’s Career Guide: Finding Your Way in the Business of Art
Author: Margaret Peot
Description: Covers a range of issues from health insurance to taxes and legal advice – and self-promotion and employment. Also provides advice for freelance artists.
Publisher: . North Light Books
Publication Date: 20012
Title: Taking the Leap.  Building a Career as a Visual Artist
Author: Cay Lang.
Description: Covers a comprehensive range of career-related topics.  
Publisher:  Chronicle Books
Publication date: Revised 2006
Title: The View from the Studio Door
Author: Ted Orland.  
Description: Co-author of Art and Fear, Ted Orland confronts issues such as what are we really doing when we make art?  What is art?  Is there art after graduation? And how do we find our place in the artistic community?
Publisher: Imagine Continuum Press
Publication date:  2006  
Title: A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers will Rule the Future
Author: Daniel Pink
Description: The author builds a case for predicting that the future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: artists, inventors, storytellers-creative and holistic “right-brain” thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn’t.
Publisher: Riverhead Books
Publication DAte: Revised 2006 
Artists Trust, Artist Support Programs
Description: Sponsors various programs on career development for artists. Based in Seattle.
Arts Business Institute
Description: A non-profit organization serving the art and craft-making communities, providing practical business education for artists.
The Charles Huling Fund for Visual Artists
URL: https://clarkhulingsfund.orgA nonprofit organization that offers many programs and services to assist artists with marketing and career development, including blogs, podcasts, workshops, and other educational programs.

Creative Capital Foundation
Description: A nonprofit organization that sponsors professional development workshops and webinars. Also provides grants to artists.

GYST, Inc.
Description: An organization that helps organize their professional lives. Offers services related to career development.
Caroll Michels, Career Coach and Artist-Advocate
Description: Author of How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist, and founder of the Artist Help Network. Assists artists throughout the USA and abroad with career development through phone and in-person consultations. Also offers art world contact lists.
Mint Artists Guild
Description: Trains teenage artists in Detroit business skills and career strategies, and provides exhibition experience by showcasing their artwork in public spaces, including galleries, fairs, workplaces, galleries, and various events. Selected students, who are chosen by a jury of art professionals, are tutored in career planning, promotion, pricing, communication, and collaboration. They also participate in field trips to art-related venues, and attend workshops.
Springboard for the Arts
Description: A source of management information & training for independent artists & small to mid-sized cultural organizations. Offers consultations, information, and workshops.
W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy)
Description: Draws attention to economic inequalities that exist in the arts, and works to resolve them. Its advocacy efforts have successfully received commitments from many U.S. nonprofit art institutions to pay artist exhibition fees for solo and group shows. An artist fee calculator is published on the organization’s wehsite.


Description: A series of articles on the business aspects of the fine art world. Penned by Alan Bamberger.
Description:  A collection of first person stories from the art world, sponsored by Spector Projects. Artists, dealers, critics, administrators, curators, and academics soundoff.
Title:  The Artist as Debtor
A website developed to provide a discussion about the impact that the growing mass of debt has on artists.
Title: Chicago Artists Resource
Description: Includes a section on career development for artists. Sponsored by the Chicago Artists’ Coalition.
Title: GYST Radio
Description: Part of a blog radio network. A resource for information on the business of art and strategies for a successful career in the arts.
Title: Immigrant Artist Program Directory 
Description: Sponsored by The New York Foundation for the Arts. An online directory of art service organizations and other resources for immigrants and refugees.
Title: The Maryland State Arts Council Resource Bulletin
Description: Maintained by Maryland Art Place. It is updated on a weekly basis and includes hundreds of listings of arts opportunities, organized by subject and deadline date.
Title: MN Artists
Description: Sponsored by the Walker Art Center. Devoted to Midwestern artists working in all disciplines. Dedicated to “improving the quality and national visibility of regionally-rooted art, artists and cultural dialogue through a “dynamic online community, responsive arts journalism, and by giving artists access to, and connections with, collaborators, influencers and the public.”
Title: NYFA Source
Description: An extensive database for visual and performing artists and writers, and arts organizations nationwide. Includes numerous resources on career-related topics. Sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts.
Title: Professional Practices for Artists 
Description: Sponsored byt GYST. Includes articles on a variety of topics including promotion, exhibitions, career, financial, and health and safety.
Description: An online publication devoted to Career, Culture, and How-To, as related to art, design, film, stage, and writing.
Description: Devoted to career-related information for fiber artists, including materials, publications, marketing, techniques, and contacts in the fiber art world.
Categories: Career