General Career Information.... Publications and resources that provide advice, information and guidance on a wide range of career-related topics.

Art Marketing Consultants.... The names and contact information of art marketing consultants that assist artists in finding audiences for their work, exhibition opportunities, and promotion.

Career Coaches.... The names and contact information of career coaches who assist artists with creative challenges, career development, and marketing and business strategies.

Art World Mailing Lists.... Organizations and companies that sell or rent various arts-related mailing lists.

Art Marketing.... Resources that provide advice and information about marketing strategies and promotion, including social media.

Getting Organized.... Publications that provide advice to artists on organizing the administrative and business aspects of their career, including time management and record keeping. Software programs designed to help artists with administrative and business tasks are also included.

Press and Public Relations.... Publications and resources that provide artists with information and advice on developing press relations and organizing publicity projects. Reference publications that contain the names of press contacts in the United States and abroad are included.

Creative Challenges, Career Blocks & the Psyche.... Publications that offer inspiration, guidance and advice on various creative and business challenges that artists face from time-to-time. Subjects range from transcending creative blocks - to changing negative attitudes about the way we handle money.

Therapists & Healers.... The names and contact information of psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other healers who specialize in working with artists. You can select therapists from the region in which you live.

Art Schools and Workshops.... The names and contact information of art schools and workshops. You can select art schools and workshops in the region in which you live.

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