Getting Organized

Publications are listed in alphabetical order  

Title: The Artist in the Office: How to Creatively Survive and Thrive Seven Days a Week
Author: Summer Pierre
Desription: A humorous book that tackles everything from money issues and the importance of patience during the creative process – to better organizing your time to countering the isolation of being an artist.
Publisher: Perigee, The Penguin Group
Publication Date:2010

Title: Time Management: Screw Self Discipline with this Uncommon Guide
Author: Brian Adams 
Description: Discusses how to apply the famous 80/20 rule to everyday life, and develop the decision-making skills needed to set aside unnecessary tasks, delegate to others, and focus all your energies on what really matters.  Helps you get your “to-do list” under control with a simple and efficient system.  Learn how to how to set goals, prioritize tasks, and stay focused.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2015

Products/Software are listed in alphabetical order by title.

Artwork Archive 
Description: Tracks inventory, contacts, galleries, sales and more. Also includes consignment reports, portfolio pages, invoices, and gallery labels .

GYSTBasic and GYSTPro Software for Artists
Description: Available for MAC, PC and Vista. Tracks artwork, prices, sales and provides sales invoices. Includes a database for a mailing list. Provides an artwork checklist for exhibitions. Guides users through the process of writing grant proposals and other proposals with detailed instructions.

Description: A database system designed to help artists manage the business side of art. Operates on the Windows family of operating systems and contains
more than 300 forms and reports for cataloging work, managing contacts, tracking sales, and many other tasks.


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