Exhibitions, Commissions & Sales

Exhibition Places & Spaces, and Exhibition Planning.... Publications that provide information on exhibition opportunities in alternative spaces, for-profit and nonprofit galleries, museums, university galleries, and other venues. Publications and resources about exhibition planning and shipping artwork are also included.

Online Galleries.... A list of galleries on the Internet, including juried and non-juried sites, sites that charge participation fees, and sites that charge commissions on sales.

Art Shippers.... The names and contact information of art transport companies.

International Connections.... Publications and resources that provide information on exhibiting and working abroad. Resources that provide information on international artist-in-residence programs, grants and fellowships, and various support services are also included.

Gallery Relations.... Publications that provide advice and information on working with galleries and various facets of gallery relations.

Corporate Art Market.... Publications that provide an understanding of how to reach the corporate art market. Resources and publications for locating corporate art consultants are also included.

Competitions and Juried Shows.... Publications and resources that provide advice and guidelines for participating in competitions and juried shows. Publications and resources for obtaining lists of competitions and juried shows are also included.

Public Art.... Publications and resources that offer information about public art programs and percent-for-art programs in the United States and abroad, and information on locating lists of public art programs. Web sites addresses of public art programs are also included.

Artist Registries.... A list of organizations that sponsor artists' slide registries.

Art Sales & Comissions.... Publications and resources that provide information on selling art and sales and commissions.

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