Title: AIC Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Warda, Dawn Heller, Dan Kushel, Timothy Vitale, Gawain Weaver, and Franziska Frey
Description:  A guide on all aspects of digital photography of works of art and cultural heritage. Topics include information on photography equipment (including different types of cameras, lenses, lights, printers, and software options); image processing guidelines (including practical recommendations on the use of color management, image file formats, file naming protocols, and metadata); and advice on best practices for storage and backup of electronic records with examples of different types of backup strategies. The second half of the book is devoted to explaining and illustrating photographic tools and techniques that are unique to conservation documentation photography, including visible light, ultraviolet, and infrared photography.
Publisher: The American Institute of Conservation of Historic and Artists Works
Publication Date: Revised 2011
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Title: Photographing Your Art, Crafts, & Collectibles: Take Great Digital Photos for Portfolios, Documentation, or Selling on the Web
Author: Steve Meltzer
Description: Cutting through the jargon and hype around digital photography, Meltzer explains in plain language how digital cameras operate, and explores specific techniques for lighting and photographing artwork and crafts.  Includes advice on using such photo editing programs as Adobe™ Photoshop® and CorelPHOTO-PAINT Pro®.
Publisher: Lark Books
Publication Date: 2007

Title: Small Scale Photography. How to Take Great Shots of Your Work
Author/Editor: Charles J. Lewton-Brain
Description: Provides instructions on how to take magazine-quality slides and photographs of a variety of small objects, including ceramics, jewelry, and other objects under two feet.
Publisher: Brain Press
Publication Date: 1996
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Title: Taking the Leap. Building a Career as a Visual Artist
Author/Editor: Cay Lang
Description: Revised. See “Photographic Equipment” and “Basic Photographic Procedures.”
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: 2006
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Title: ”4 Steps to Photographing Your Art Like a Professional”
Description: Published in Artwork Archive

Title: “Avoid these 7 Mistakes when Photographing Art”
Description: By Garry McMichael. Artsy Shark

Title: “How Professional Artists Photograph their Artwork in 8 Simple Steps”
Descripton: By Andy Derrick. Empty Easel

Title: “How to Photograph” 
Description: Art Web Blog. Penned by Chris Kirkland.Essential pointers for photographing art.

Title: How to Photograph Artwork
Description: A tutorial for photographing two-dimensional artwork by Matt Greer.

Title: ”How to Photograph Your Paintings (Digitally)”

Title: Tech Tips: Photographing 2D Work 
Description: Prepared by the Department of Art and Art History, University of Colorado.

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