Art Production Fund
Description: A nonprofit organization dedicated to producing ambition public art projects, reaching new audiences, and expanding awareness through contemporary art.
Arts Council of Indianapolis
Description: Publishes an online Public Art Directory
The Association for Public Art
Descritption: The nation’s first private, nonprofit organization dedicated to integrating public art and urban planning. Commissions, preserves, promotes and interprets public art in Philadelphia. Provides links to public art resources in the Philadelphia area.
Chicago Public Art Group
Description: Provides organizations, agencies, and schools with skilled artistic leaders and the professional management needed to produce community landmarks permanent, safe, meaningful, and beautiful murals, mosaics, sculptures, seating, banners, and space design.
City of Los Angeles, Public Art Division, Department of Cultural Affairs 
Description: Affairs Supports artists and cultural projects through two programs in its Public Art Division: Public Works Improvements Arts Program (PWIAP) and Private Arts Development Fee Program (ADF).
Community Arts International (CAI)
Description: . A nonprofit art organization that brings art to non-traditional venues by fostering collaboration between artists and clients. Projects range from curating museum quality exhibitions in airports, hotels, department stores and office buildings, to the management of architecturally integrated large scale sculpture and paintings, to the development of public collections.
Creative Time 
Description: Commissions and presents ambitious public art projects in New York City, across the country, around the world—and now even in outer space.
Forecast Public Art
Description: .  A nonprofit organization that is instrumental in the creation of many public art projects throughout the Midwest. Publishes Public Art Review.
General Services Administration. Art in Architecture Program
Description: Oversees the commissioning of artworks for new federal buildings nationwide. Sponsors a national artists registry. Artists interested in being considered for Art in Architecture commissions may apply to have their names placed a registry, which review panels use when selecting artists for each new project.
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Public Art Resources
Description: Lists various opportunities and services related to public art
MTA Arts and Design Program, Metropolitan Transit Authority 
Description: Administers a Percent for Art program and visual arts, performing arts, and design programs throughout the MTA Network. Artists are selected through a competitive process to create original, site-specific permanent artwork for new and rehabilitated stations.
Ohio Percent for Art Program
Description: The program is open to artists nationwide. Sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council.
Project for Public Spaces, Inc.
Description: Specializes in public space planning, design and management. Assists New York City agencies, community groups, private developers, and planners in selecting and placing art in public spaces.
Public Art Fund
Description: Promotes the integration of art into the urban landscape. Sponsors art installations in public spaces throughout New York City, and provides educational and information services.
Public Art Network, Americans for the Arts
Description: Provides professional services and networking opportunities for public art professionals, visual artists, design professionals, and organizations planning public art projects and programs.
State of Connecticut, Offices of Culture & Tourism, Art in Public Places Registry
Description: Sponsors the Art in Public Spaces Registry open to Connecticut and out-of-state artists.
TriMet Public Art Program
Description: Incorporates artwork in various transit stations, in bus shelters, and in the commuter line that connects passengers to Portland, Oregon’s airport. Open to regional artists and artists nationwide.
Description: Sponsors a registry open to all artists, architects, and designers who are interested in pursuing public art projects.



Title: Along the Way: MTA Arts for Transit
Author/Editor: Sandra Bloodworth and William Ayres
Description: A tour of works commissioned by MTA Arts for Transit for the subway system, initiated since 1985. A collection of more than 150 site-specific public art projects.
Publisher: Monacelli Press
Publication Date: 2006
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Title: Art in Other Places
Author/Editor: William Cleveland
Description: Revised edition. Features accounts of artists working in the community. Topics include projects that focus on the elderly, prisons, hospitals, youth at risk, and people with disabilities.
Publisher: University of Massachusetts
Publication Date: 2000
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Title: The Art of Placemaking: Interpreting Community through Public Art and Urban Design
Author/Editor: Ronald Fleming
Description: A presentation of site-specific public art that engages the popular imagination through common references to history, folklore, culture and geography, and demonstrates how the integration of approachable art with local landscape, architecture and urban design can facilitate identification with locale. Includes case studies of spectacular and innovative works accompanied by practical information, artist interviews, examples of failures and major controversies, and strategies for the future.
Publisher: Merrell Publishers
Publication Date: 2007
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Title: Art Opportunities Monthly 
Description: A listing of opportunities for artists, including public-art commissions. Available via email. Published monthly. 
Title: The Artist’s Guide to Public Art:  How to Find and Win Commissions
Author/Editor: Lynn Basa
Description: Provides guidance on how to start and build a career in public art. Includes information on how to find, apply for, compete for, and win a public art commission.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 2008
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Title: Competitions Magazine
Description: A monthly e-zine devoted to articles on public-art, architecture, and landscape architecture competitions in the United States and Abroad. Also publishes weekly email announcements.
Title: Designing the World’s Best Public Art
Author/Editor: Garrison Roots
Description: A collection of public art works in the United States evincing a real desire to delight and engage. Shows how public art projects can transform mundane or ugly urban fixtures.
Publisher: Images Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2006
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Title: Dialogues in Public Art
Author/Editor: Tom Finkelpearl
Description: Interviews with people active in the American public art movement. Includes a history and overview of public art in the United States.
Publisher: M.I.T. Press
Publication Date: 2001
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Title The Everyday Practice of Public Art: Art, Space, and Social Inclusion 
Editors: Cameron Cartiere, Martin Zebracki.
Description: Examines the continual evolution of public art, moving beyond monuments and memorials to examine more fully the development of socially-engaged public art practice.
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: 2015

Title: New York’s Underground Art Museum: MTA Arts and Design
Authors: Sandra Bloodworth and William Ayres
Description: Focuses on the MTA Arts & Design’s collection of public art projects featured in New York City subways and buses, Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Rail Road, and bridges and tunnels.
Publisher: The Monacelli Press
Pubication Date: 2014

Title: Pubic Art Review
Description: Information about the field of public art, with stories from around the world.
Publisher: orecast Public Art.
Frequency: Four times a year
Title: Public Art: Theory, Practice and Populism
Author: Cher Krause Knight 
Description: Takes a bold look at public art and its populist appeal. It examines the history of American public art – from FDR’s New Deal to Christo’s
“The Gates,” and challenges preconceived notions of public art, expanding its definition to include a broader scope of works and concepts.
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date: 2008


Title: Art Public
Description: Subscription service with information about events, opportunities, public art works, and artists mainly in Europe with some in the United States and in other countries. Searchable database of over 6,000 artists, publications, and public art works.
Title: CaFÉ
Descritption: Sponsored by the Western Stgates Arts Federation (WESTAF). A user-friendly oline system that provides open call information on public art and other opportunities for artists.
Title: CODAworx (Collaboration of Design + Art)
Description: Devoted to commissioned artwork. It includes artists, designers, architects, art consultants, fabricators, foundries, lighting designers, engineers, contractors, and landscape architects. Membership for those wishing to submit projects is free, but there is a fee to be listed on the website and receive other membership services.
Title: Public Art Archive
Description: Sponsored by the Western States Arts Federation. A central repository of public art projects collected from hundreds of public art organizations.
Title: Public Art Directory
Description: Lists new commissions, installations, and exhibitions in public spaces, art projects in urban design, art in environnment,
art in architecture, public art commissions, projects, competitions, outdoor sculptures, call to artists, sculpture competition.
Title: Public Art on the Internet
Description: Includes various types of information about the field of public art: essays, articles, projects, links to other related sites, and an e-mail group for those interested in public art.
Title: Public Art Online
Description: Comprehensive and well thought out site. Includes advice, opportunities and dialogues about public art. Hosted by the Glasgow School of Art.
Title: Public Art Web Links
Description: Public art resources provided by Sheffield Hallem Univerity in England
Title: Public Artist Forum
Description: A discussion group founded by Lynn Basa, an artist specializing in public art and author of Artist’s Guide to Public Art
Title: State Percent for Art Programs
Description: Sponsored by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. Provides links to 28 states and territories’ Percent for Art programs. Includes a summary of each program, along with a description of the state arts agency’s role in it, which varies by state, and how work is commissioned.