Discusses topics related to health hazards and the arts.
Frequency: Monthly
Publisher: Arts, Crafts & Theater Safety (ACTS

Artist Beware: The Hazards in Working with All Art and Craft Materials
& the Precautions Every Artist and Craftsperson Should Take

Author/Editor: Michael McCann
Revised edition. A comprehensive overview on preventing and
correcting health hazards of art and craft materials. Analyzes
materials and the harm they can create.
Publisher: The Lyons Press
Publication Date: 2005
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The Artists Complete Health & Safety Guide 

Author/Editor: Monona Rossol
Revised edition. A guide to using potentially toxic materials
safely and ethically.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: Revised 2019
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The Green Guide for Artists: Nontoxic Recipes, Green Art
Ideas, & Resources for the Eco-Conscious Artist

Author: Karen Michel
Inspires artists to make better eco-conscious choices within their work
and their studios and shows them how. Includes recipes for DIY art supplies
such as ones for mixing your own non-toxic paints and adhesives and making
your own papers from recycled paper; safe and green practices for the
workspace; a fresh look at using recycled materials; and a resource guide
for eco-friendly materials and supplies, including websites and forum links.
Publisher:  Quarry Books
Publication date:  2009
Health Hazards Manual for Artists
Author/Editor: Michael McCann
Revised edition. Details harmful effects caused by art materials, and
procedures that can make working with these materials safer.
Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
Publication Date: 2008
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The Healthy Artist 
Information on the dangerous materials in an artists’ studio and how
to minimize the dangers. There is also a FAQ listing at the back
on safety in the studio. Published in English and in French.
Publisher: CARFAC Ontario
Publication Date: 2007
Making Art Safely. Alternative Methods and Materials in
Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Graphic Design, and Photography

Author/Editor: Merle Spandorfer, Deborah Curtiss, and Jack Snyder
Identifies hazardous materials and techniques that are commonly
used in art. Demonstrates safe alternatives through text and
step-by-step illustrations.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Publication Date: 1995
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Overexposure: Health Hazards in Photography
Author/Editor: Susan D. Shaw and Monona Rossol
Revised edition. Covers all facets of the risks faced by photographers,
lab personnel, and others involved with photographic chemicals.
Includes pointers for setting up a safe workplace.
Publisher: Allworth Press
Publication Date: 1991
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Printmaking Revolution: New Advancements in Technology,
Safety, and Sustainability

Author: Dwight Pogue
A tome of the newest advances in printmaking for today’s environmentally
conscious artists and   master printers.  Provides recommendations for
safer environmentally friendly and non-carcinogenic methods for creating
prints. Includes groundbreaking information on embracing green, petroleum-free,
nontoxic materials that comply with the Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Publication Date: 2012

Ventilation: A Practical Guide for Artists, Craftspeople, and
Others in the Arts

Authors: Nancy Clark, Thomas Cutter, and Jean-Ann McGrane .
Discusses art materials that contain toxic or harmful chemicals,
and the precautions artists should take pertaining to ventilation.

Pulisher: Lyons Press
Publication Date: 1987


Health Hazards for the Artist
A bibliography of resources. Sponsored by the Cleveland Institute of Art.



Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc.
Provides information on art and creative materials for children and artists
that are non-toxic.  All products in the program undergo extensive
toxicological evaluation and testing before they are granted the
right to bear the ACMI certification seal.

Arts, Crafts and Theater Safety (ACTS)
A not-for-profit organization that provides information on health, safety,
and industrial hygiene to the arts, crafts, museums, and theater communities.
Also makes referrals to doctors, health serv­ices, and other resources.
Publishes the newsletter ACTS FACTS and various data sheets.