Afterimage: A Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism
Features the work of emerging artists, covers the
developments in cultural theory, and presents scholarly essays.
Contains a listing of opportunities in film, video, photography,
and alternative publishing.
Publisher:  University of California Press
American Art Collector
Previews artists’ upcoming shows at galleries coast-to-coast, and includes
columns by art appraisers, gallery owners, museum curators, and
art consultants.

Frequency: Published monthly 
American Craft
Articles on all aspects of crafts, and information on grants, marketing,
and exhibitions.
Publisher: American Craft Council
American Photo Magazine
Focuses on creative photography, profiling the personalities
behind the lens and their contributions to art, history, fashion, journalism,
and advertising. Reviews exhibitions and books, and includes
articles on working professionals.
Contemporary journal of photography.
Frequency: Quarterly 
Art Business News
Covers news related to the art and framing industry, including
business management, new products and art industry trends.

Frequency: Quarterly 
Art in America
Includes news reports on major achievements and
events throughout the art world and feature articles and reviews.

Frequency: Published 11 times a year. 
Art Monthly
Features include in-depth exhibition, book, video, film and performance
reviews, artists’ books, art notes, and art law.

Frequency: 10 times a year 
Art Monthly Australasia
Focuses on contemporary visual art in the Asian-Pacific region.
Frequency: Varies. 
Art New England
Focuses on artists and exhibitions in New England.
Frequency: Bimonthly
The Art Newspaper
Covers international art-market news.
Frequency: Published 11 times a year.
Publisher: Umberto Allemandi & Company
Art Opportunities Monthly
A listing of various opportunities for artists, including grants,
exhibitions, public art commissions, and more. Delivered by email.

Frequency: Published 11 times a year 
Art Papers
Articles on contemporary art, architecture, photography, video,
and performance.

Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Art Times Journal
A literary journal that publishes essays on music, dance, theatre,
visual arts, film, art book reviews, short stories and poetry. Also
serves as a resource for the Arts in the Hudson Valley Region of
New York State. Calendar contains an extensive listing of
cultural events in the region as well as major cities.

Frequency: Six issues per year 
Primarily focused on the Philadelphia area. Fosters dialog and community
through commentary and discussion about art and culture.
Raises the profile of marginalized artists—the young, minorities
and women—who have been left out of the conversation.
Artcritical: The Online Magazine of Art and Ideas 
Includes news, exhibition reviews, feature articles,
and exhibition lists and events. 

Covers exhibition and art world news around the world online.


A panacea to art trade magazines with indecipherable reviews
and “art speak” language. Archive available.

Frequency: No longer being published but visit the website
for a good laugh! 

Artfix Daily
Covers exhibition and art world news around the world online

Artforum International

A critical journal for contemporary culture worldwide. Includes
book reviews and exhibition reviews with an international scope.

Frequency: 10 times a year

The Artist’s Magazine
Includes practical and technical advice about tools, materials and techniques.
Also includes regular features and columns on such topics as selling
and exhibiting their artwork.

Frequency: 10 issues a year.

Artnet News


A free newsletter that includes news reports on major achievements and

events throughout the art world.


Includes news reports on major achievements and
events throughout the art world and feature articles and reviews.
Frequency: Monthly.

ARTnews Newsletter
A free newsletter that includes news reports on major achievements and
events throughout the art world
Frequency: Daily

Blouin Art and Auction

Covers international art markets, from antiques to contemporary art.

Blouin Artinfo
Provides news about art, design and architecture, and performing arts.

British Journal of Photography
International contemporary photography
Frequency: Monthly

An online publication that covers the arts in Atlanta and the Southeast.

C Magazine

Description: Covers international contemporary art.
Frequency: QuarterlyCeramic Review
Includes reviews of ceramic exhibitions and news
and events. Published in the United Kingdom.
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Publisher: Ceramic Review Publishing LimitedClay Times.

Serves studio potters and professional clay artists, teachers and
students of the ceramic arts, art critics and ceramic researchers, museum
curators and ceramic art collectors, clay hobbyists, and pottery
enthusiasts of all kinds.

Contemporary Impressions

Includes articles, reviews, and interviews related to printmaking.
Frequency: Bi-Annually
Publisher: The American Print Alliance


Focuses on decorative and applied arts, including news,
reviews, and features. Published in the United Kingdom.
Frequency: Quarterly
Publisher: Crafts Council

Culturekiosque: The European Magazine of Arts,
Culture and Ideas Worldwide

Provides coverage, commentary, and information on the arts,
culture, and ideas from Europe and North America. Journalists, critics and
writers hail from major dailies and broadcast organizations.

Australian visual arts magazine with reviews, news
and artists’ pages. Three issues per year.
Publisher: Eyeline Publishing Ltd.

Flash Art
Published in Italy. Focuses primarily on European art and artists.
Frequency: Bimonthly

National coverage of events in the performing and visual arts
and literature, and special coverage of New York, Los Angeles, Miami,
Austin, and San Francisco.

Eight issues a year. Covers international contemporary
art and culture. Published in the UK. Has an office in New York.

Glass Quarterly
Description: Provides a critical voice for glass art within the contemporary
art world. Includes essays, reviews, artist profiles, news, and more.
Publisher: UrbanGlass

Hand Papermaking
Repository of information on the art and craft of
Publisher: Hand Papermaking, Inc.

Handmade Business
Provides how-to-articles on all facets of crafts business management
and related topics; relevant industry news, and information on current issues
and trends for the beginning and the established professional craft
artists. Print and digital versions.
Frequency: Monthly

Description: Daily coverage of exhibitions and art world news
around the world online.

Modern Painters
Covers contemporary visual arts.
Frequency: 8 issues per year.
Publisher: Blouinartinfo

Nueva Luz
Description: A journal devoted to the work of contemporary fine art and documentary
photographers of diverse cultures, primarily U.S. residents of Latino, Africa and
Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific.  Published by En Foco.
Frequency: 3 times a year.
Publisher: En Foco

Pastel Journal
Description: Devoted to artists working with pastels. Includes information
on techniques, materials, exhibition and career opportunities, and workshops.
Also features interviews with pastel artists.
Frequency: Monthly
Publisher: F&W Publications, Inc.

The Photo Review
Contains exhibition reviews, essays, interviews,
portfolios, and book reviews.
Frequency: Quarterly
Publisher: The Photo Review

Lists photography exhibitions in New York City, and nationally
and internationally. Also includes news items and articles about photography.
Available online and in print.
Frequency: Bimonthly

Printmaking Today
Devoted to contemporary international printmaking, including
reviews, interviews, information and resources. Published in the UK.
Publisher: Cello Press Ltd

Professional Artist
Contains career-related articles and provides listings
of opportunities for artists. Published 6 times a year.
Publisher: Turnstile Publications

Raw Vision
An international journal of intuitive and visionary art.

Sculpture Magazine
Covers news and issues
related to contemporary sculpture.
Frequency: 10 issues per year.
Publisher: International Sculpture Center

Sculpture Review
Presents contemporary and a historical representational
American sculpture. Features reproductions, color tip-ins, news
and technical information, and book reviews.
Publisher: National Sculpture Society

Review of contemporary photography featuring photographers
from Ireland and the UK.
Frequency: Quarterly

Southwest Art
Description: Features the art and artists of of the American
Southwest. Print and digital versions.
Frequency: Monthly

Focuses on news and criticism of photography in the
South and Southwest. Available online and in print.
Frequency: Bi-Annually
Publisher: Houston Center for Photography

Studio Potter
Description: A professional journal of ceramists, educators, historians,
and collectors. Focuses on critical issues of aesthetics, technology,
and personal development.
Frequency: Bi-Annually
Publisher: The Studio Potter

Surface Design Journal
Publication of the Surface Design Association. a professional
organization of artists involved in surface design, textiles, weaving,
quilts, and other forms of fiber art.
Frequency: Quarterly

Watercolor Artist
Features articles about contemporary watermedia painters,
their methods, and materials.
Publisher: Artistsnetwork

Works + Conversations
Description: Presents interviews with artists and artist portfolios.
Frequency: Published two times a year.


Art Critics List

Compiled by Caroll Michels, career coach and artist-advocate, Email
and snail mail and email addresses art critics, primarily in the
New York City area. Updated annually and on an ongoing basis.
Available as a hard copy and on an Excel database.

Encyclopedia of Associations;jsessionid=A539E88B0CE8EE366B0022FAB4FDA899?N=197&Ntk=P_EPI&Ntt=1819472062195858572217817454531562666526&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial

An online database that provides detailed information about 23,000
trade associations in a wide range of fields, including their publications.

International, National & Regional Art Press Contacts

Compiled by Caroll Michels, career coach and artist-advocate. Email
and snail mail addresses of arts writers, editors, and international,
national and regional publications. Includes arts, general interest,
and arts-related radio and television programs. Updated annually and
on an ongoing basis. Available on an Excel database. 

New York Area Art Press Contacts

Compiled by Caroll Michels, career coach and artist-advocate. Email and
snail mail addresses of art press contacts in the New York area. Also includes
“listing columns” in New York and guidelines for preparing a listing
news release. Updated annually and on an ongoing basis. Available
on an Excel database.


The Writer’s Market
Editor: Robert E. Brewer.
Lists hundreds of magazines, including trade journals.
Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books
Publication date: Revised annually